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Atlantic whites - top-shelf Ibierian edition

£93.00 £83.70

Four bottles of top-shelf, fresh, crispy whites

Grown within a stone’s throw of the mighty Atlantic, these wines are fresh with a salty-mineral finish. The proximity to the ocean imbues a wonderful saline edge to the wines, which lifts the palate and helps them flow down with ease.

Perfect with seafood, as an aperitif, or on their own when ultimate refreshment is required. We've got together this case of our favourite fresh discoveries from the Iberian Atlantic coast for you to explore.

Neno Godello

£21.00 > £18.90

We followed this over two days - on day one it was fresh and vibrant with a citrus core and a salty tang. On day two the wine had opened up with notes of stone fruit and what seemed like a little more textural richness. Both days, suffice to say, it was astoundingly delicious.

Mercenario, Augalevada

£24.00 > £21.60

Made from Treixadura on the steep and rugged vineyard of Galicia, this is a super-fresh and complex wine from Augalevada. The grapes are aged in a a mixture of old oak and amphora, with a small layer of flor allowed to develop over the wine as it gently develops. The flor imparts a slight nutty note to the wine. There's a citrus core and  a light smokey note.

Fossil Branco, Vale de Capucha

£24.00 > £21.60

Think of this as a Portuguese take on Chablis (The soils here are similar to those found in Chablis). Elegant and refreshing with a salty finish. It’s not all lean and crisp though, there’s a wonderful texture to the wine too. 

£24.00 > £21.60

Tkakoli is one of our all-time favourite wines at cellars - it's fresh, zesty, and slips down all too easily.

Here, we have the top-level OG txakoli. Doniene Gorrondona are one of the very best producers and this comes from their best single vineyard and is made without any added sulphites.

At Peckham Cellars we try to do our bit for the environment so for every delivery we make we plant a tree to help offset its impact



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