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Light Juicy Reds

£82.00 £73.80

Four bottles of light-red, juicy goodness.

These are all-light bodied, refreshing reds that can go in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before serving, it really lifts the freshness and drinkability. They are are all low/no sulphur wines, and you can think of them as natural wines, so they may be a little wild at first, but they are all clean, refreshing and very lovely to drink! Easily our best-selling case over lock-down - if you want a lighter red over the winter months, you can’t get better than this lt.

Volcanique, Verdier-Logel, Côtes du Forez, France

£16.00 > £14.40

Rich Gamay from Volcanic soils. Juicy cherry notes with lovely aromatic hints of pink peppercorn and oregno.

Terre de Bardet, Almansa, France

£20.00 > £18.00

Lovely juicy fruit, a light body, but with depth on the finish. Great stuff from an exciting young winemaker making waves in the Languedoc

‘l Rosso, Tiberi, Umbria, Italy

£23.00 > £20.70

Wonderful cherry fruit with whispers of fresh herbs, all with a lovely freshness and juicy texture. Light in body, but full on refreshment value.

Palmentino, Sicily, Italy

£23.00 > £20.70

Aged in amphora – this juicy, fresh and vibrant – a stunner from the volcanic slopes of Sicily. 


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