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Menard le Rouge, Les Sablonettes


This joyful red blends a variety of grapes to come up with a completely delicious wine. It's juicy, its fresh, but there's just a little seriousness there too, meaning its great with a variety of foods.

The Gamay and Grolleau give juiciness, some Chenin Blanc (a white grape) gives a burst of freshness, and the Cabernet Sauvignon adds a little dash of complexity and structure to finish.

Les Sablonettes are a winemaking couple working in the heart in the Loire Valley. They run a small farm according to biodynamic principles, and all the winemaking is fully natural with no additions.

At Peckham Cellars we try to do our bit for the environment so for every delivery we make we plant a tree to help offset its impact


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