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Moschomavro, Diamantis Winery



The Moschamavro grape has wonderful floral aromatics, with soft red fruit, hints of cherry, cranberry plus some oregano and pink peppercorn. On the palate it’s juicy with lots of freshness keeping it all balanced. 

Diamantis winery is a small, quality focussed winery in Macedonia. And here with the Moschomavro grape variety we owe Dimitris Diamantis’ father for the grapes existence! In the 70’s and 80’s, as this variety started to be overlooked in favour of the more powerful Xinomavro, the vineyards dwindled into obscurity. Dimitri’s father loved the grape, however, and kept it in production in their vineyards with a small 3 hectare parcel planted in the early 90’s. So influential are the family in the history of this grape variety, that if you purchase a plant from a nursery in Greece today, it is the result of the plant material from the Diamnatis vineyard! This is a rare variety indeed!

At Peckham Cellars we try to do our bit for the environment so for every delivery we make we plant a tree to help offset its impact



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