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Nino, Ori Marani


This wine is a blend of four indigenous Georgian varieties made using the champagne method. Primary fermentation takes place partly in qvevri and partly in old oak barrels giving aromas of cucumber and pine tree resin along with a nutty earthiness - it almost tastes healthy!


This is a husband and wife team who have settled in the Kartli region of Georgia and have been making wine since 2017. They buy all their grapes from local farmers who they work very closely with to ensure organic practices are followed. Bastien was born in Champagne so has wine running through his veins. Nino is Georgian and the business brains behind the operation, she also lent her name to their flagship traditional method sparkling wine. This is a small scale artisanal operation, only making 13,000 bottles in the 2021 vintage, meaning utmost care and concentration goes in to the wines they produce. All the wines are incredibly unique and have a very distinctive taste of the local forests running through them, you need to try it to understand it!  

At Peckham Cellars we try to do our bit for the environment so for every delivery we make we plant a tree to help offset its impact



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