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Pinot Gris, Au Bon Climat


The wine is aged in barrel and gives this wine a good deal of texture, creaminess, and little hints of spice. There’s a core of citrus fruit and crisp apples with hints of honey. This would be a great choice for lightly spiced, creamy curries.


Au Bon Climat are one of the reference points for Californian wine, producing some of the all-time classic wines from California. Setting up Au Bon Climat in 1982, Jim Clendenen pioneered some of the early plantings of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and became known as one California’s best winemakers.

As well as producing top-shelf Pinot and Chardonnay, Jim also turned his hand to Pinot Gris and the result is this wonderful wine, which is on the easy-going side for the winery, and just dangerously drinkable!

Jim sadly passed away in 2021, so this is the last vintage he produced. His daughter will carry on making wines and continue his legacy. This June, drink a glass of this delicious wine in the sun and toast one of the all-time winemaking greats!


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