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50 Shades of Rosé

£82.00 £73.80

Four bottles of glorious rosé

We've had this case on ice for a while now while it rains and pours and hails; but now, finally, it looks like we might get a little spell of summer. Get the case in, get in the garden, and enjoy the sunshine!

Rosé can be made from a whole range of grape varieties and comes in hundreds of shades. As much as we love the pale pink refreshing goodness that comes out of Provence (and never fear that is of course represented in this case), we want to expand peoples horizons of what rosé can offer.

Perhaps not quite fifty shades, but here we give you four delicious rosés all with their own unique characteristics to show what a versatile and interesting style of wine it can be.

Saint-Victoire Provence Rosé, Domaine Pinchinat

£16.00 > £14.40

The classic - Provence is the reference point for quality rosé. The sunny Mediterranean climate has no problem ripening the grapes, and the fresh sea breezes keep the vineyards cool. Saint-Victoire is one of the best villages in the region for these wines - think of this as the premier cru of roasé land -  with lots of limestone in the soil giving the wines elegance. Domain Pinchinat are a small and quality focussed producer working fully organically. 

Txakoli Rosé, Gaintza 

£19.00 > £17.10

Made from local and rare grape varieties Hondarrabi Beltz Hondarrabi Zuri - this Txakoli Rosé is super-fresh and zesty with a lovely salty kick to it. Grown within a stone's throw of San Sebastien, this is naturally perfect with vast quantities of seafood.

Les Prunes Rosado, Celler del Roure

£20.00 > £18.00

Grown from the Mando grape variety in the foothills around Valencia, this rosé is lovely and fresh but also has a nice bit of structure that would make it a great choice for a BBQ. Aged in Amphora - that's giant clay pots to you and me - this gives a lovely texture and mineral taste to the wine. Certified Organic.

Samplemousse Rosé, Remi Sedes

£27.00 > £24.30

Fresh and really rather beautiful Gamay Rosé -  this taste likes cherries and wild herbs. Remi Sedes is a Loire Gamay specialist working small parcels of vines in Coteaux d’Ancenis, and is a core part of the Loire natural wine scene. Certified Organic. 


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